Adjustable Camo Hunting Gear With Aluminium Body Detachable Head Expandable Length

Place of Origin CHINA
Certification CE
Model Number DX-003-03GEN3
Minimum Order Quantity 500pcs
Price 18$
Packaging Details 8pcs/ctn
Delivery Time 60days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 10000pcs/month

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Product Details
Detachable Head Yes Product Type Hunting Gear
Expandable Length Yes Wobbly No
Pattern Camo Materials Aluminium
Fixable Length Yes Height 78cm-105cm
High Light

Aluminium Body Adjustable Camo Hunting Gear


Detachable Head Adjustable Camo Hunting Gear


Expandable Length Adjustable Camo Hunting Gear

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Product Description

Product Description:

Embark on your next hunting adventure equipped with our premium Hunting Gear, meticulously designed for the discerning outdoorsman. Our product embodies the essence of both functionality and comfort, ensuring that your hunting experience is second to none. Crafted from high-grade Aluminium, this gear is not only lightweight but also exhibits an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it an indispensable accessory for any hunting excursion.

Our Hunting Gear boasts an aesthetically pleasing Camo pattern, allowing it to blend seamlessly with various natural environments. Whether you are navigating through dense forests, crouching in reeds, or stationed in a tree stand, this camouflaged gear will ensure that you remain inconspicuous to your prey. The strategic design of the pattern is conducive to stealth, enabling hunters to close in on targets without detection.

The practicality of our Hunting Gear is further enhanced by its adjustable nature, featuring a fixable length that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a compact form for ease of transport or an extended length for improved reach, this gear accommodates various hunting styles and preferences, making it an exceptionally versatile tool for both novice and experienced hunters alike.

Comfort is a paramount aspect of any hunting accessory, and our gear does not fall short in this domain. With an ergonomic design that promotes prolonged use, hunters can enjoy their sport without the discomfort that often accompanies lesser quality equipment. The use of Aluminium not only contributes to the gear's lightweight profile but also ensures that carrying and maneuvering the gear is a breeze. The inclusion of 'one legs' support provides additional stability, allowing for a more comfortable stance when waiting for the perfect shot.

Each piece of Hunting Gear comes thoughtfully packaged in a box with dimensions of 111x24x28.8cm, ensuring that your product arrives in pristine condition. The packaging has been carefully conceived to provide optimal protection while also being compact enough for easy storage and transportation. Whether you are traveling to a local hunting spot or venturing further afield, the convenience of this package size means that your gear can accompany you effortlessly.

Our commitment to comfort extends beyond the physical design of the gear. We understand that comfort also means peace of mind, which is why we've selected materials and construction techniques that are synonymous with durability. Aluminium is renowned for its resistance to corrosion and wear, ensuring that your gear remains reliable in various weather conditions and terrains.

In conclusion, our Hunting Gear is an exemplary choice for those seeking a high-quality, comfortable, and adaptable hunting accessory. From the camo pattern conceived for stealth to the Aluminium construction for lightweight durability, every aspect of this gear has been designed with the hunter's needs in mind. The fixable length adds a layer of customization, while the one legs support system ensures stability and comfort during use. Encased in a compact package, this gear is ready to accompany you on countless hunting adventures, providing you with the comfort and confidence you need to succeed in the great outdoors.



  • Product Name: Hunting Accessories
  • Wobbly: No
  • Detachable Head: Yes
  • Usage: Outdoor Activities
  • Package Size: 111x24x28.8cm
  • Height: 78cm-105cm
  • One legs: Yes
  • Camo Handle: Yes
  • One Legs: Yes


The FIERYDEER THIRDARMY DX-003-03GEN3 is a versatile hunting accessory designed with the serious hunter in mind. Originating from CHINA, this product meets the stringent standards required for CE certification. The model is crafted for those who demand reliability and performance in challenging outdoor scenarios. With a minimum order quantity of 500pcs and a competitive price of $18 per piece, this hunting accessory is an excellent choice for retailers looking to provide their customers with high-quality gear.

Each piece comes thoughtfully packaged inside a box, with 8pcs per carton, ensuring that the product arrives safely and in pristine condition. The DX-003-03GEN3 boasts a sturdy black pole that provides a comfortable grip for extended use in the field, reducing hand fatigue and improving the overall hunting experience. With an adjustable height ranging from 78cm to 105cm and an expandable length feature, hunters of all statures can customize the pole to their preferred height for optimal comfort and utility.

The detachable head of the FIERYDEER THIRDARMY DX-003-03GEN3 offers flexibility for various hunting scenarios, whether tracking game in dense forests or waiting patiently in a blind. Its non-wobbly construction ensures stability and precision, which is critical during moments that require absolute stillness and silence. The camo pattern on the pole is designed to seamlessly blend with natural environments, providing camouflage that can make the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity.

Application occasions for this hunting accessory range from casual hunting trips to more structured hunting expeditions. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a newcomer to the sport, the DX-003-03GEN3 is built to enhance your outdoor adventures. With a supply ability of 10000pcs/month, restocking your inventory will be efficient and timely, with a delivery time of 60 days after the receipt of payment through T/T terms.

Overall, the FIERYDEER THIRDARMY DX-003-03GEN3 is a well-conceived product that caters to hunters looking for a comfortable, stable, and adjustable hunting accessory. Its thoughtful design and robust construction make it an essential item to have in any hunter's gear collection.




Model Number: DX-003-03GEN3

Place of Origin: CHINA

Certification: CE

Minimum Order Quantity: 500pcs

Price: 18$

Packaging Details: 8pcs/ctn

Delivery Time: 60days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 10000pcs/month

Package Size: 111x24x28.8cm

Wobbly: No

Expandable length: Yes

Product Type: Hunting Gear

Adjustable angle: Yes

Our FIERYDEER THIRDARMY hunting accessory features a sturdy black pole with an expandable length up to 1m, designed for precision and convenience. The 1m black pole ensures stability and reliability during use. With its adjustable angle, this piece of Hunting Gear is adaptable to a variety of situations, meeting the needs of hunters seeking top-tier equipment.


Support and Services:

Our Hunting Accessories come with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure the best experience for our customers. We offer troubleshooting assistance, maintenance tips, and guidance on optimal usage of our products to enhance your hunting experience. Our support services include detailed product manuals, instructional videos, and a frequently asked questions section available on our website. Additionally, we provide warranty information and service options to maintain the reliability and performance of your hunting gear. For any further assistance, please refer to our customer support page.


Packing and Shipping:

The Hunting Accessories product is carefully packaged to ensure its safe arrival to your destination. Our tamper-proof, sturdy packaging is designed to protect the contents from any damage during the shipping process. We use eco-friendly materials where possible, maintaining our commitment to the environment.

Upon dispatch, your hunting accessories will be shipped using a reliable courier service to provide you with a swift and secure delivery. Tracking information will be provided so you can monitor your package's journey to your door. Please inspect your package upon arrival to ensure all items are present and in good condition.